Antimicrobial Treatments

Antimicrobial Treatments

A key component of food safety and hygiene cleaning is the correct application of sanitising chemicals. We are specialists in this critical discipline and supply and apply MPI approved products from leading suppliers, or as specified by clients.

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We are also the preferred applicator for a new bonded antimicrobial which incorporates the new Sanitas Q-Bond Technology. This exciting new product is approved by MP1 for C22, C38 and C41 (all animal products except dairy).  Asure Quality have issued assessments for H3391 for incidental contact with food contact surfaces, dairy farm and dairy factory food areas.

Our technical team are continually investigating new and inventive solutions for sanitising treatments. 

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Antimicrobial Coatings

Sanitas MicroClear Plus is a new water based VOC free clear finish coat that utilises Q-Bond Technology.

Formulated to be applied over existing painted surfaces without changing the colour, MicroClear Plus is an extremely efficient solution for minimising pathogenic contamination. With a regular cleaning and maintenance programme, a 5 year life cycle is possible with this system.

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MicroClear Plus is also an extremely efficient long lasting treatment for mould and fungus on interior and exterior surfaces, and has MPI C22 approval (all animal products except dairy) and Asure Quality H3382 for dairy farm and dairy factory.

Unique are proud to be the preferred applicator for these exciting new products.