Bird Proofing

Bird Proofing

Bird Repellents and Bird Netting Solutions

Stop birds fouling stock, damaging product and having the potential to cause disease.

Many commercial and industrial buildings suffer from bird infestation problems. One of the reasons why birds congregate to these areas, is because they can get shelter and it provides a source of food. 

Birds Nest Rubbish

We are only a phone call away from helping you to get rid of bird problems and providing a solution.

Bird Infestation Problems 

Birds harbour infectious diseases that can be contagious to humans and animals; this makes them a threat to your health and safety. They do not just leave behind visually unappealing droppings, they create unhealthy environments. They can cause a lot of real damage to building structures and any goods or stock that are stored in the area.

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Bird Infestation

If you stay on top of bird infestation problems with a quality ongoing maintenance programme, your assets will be protected. This makes it a cost effective investment and less of a long term financial risk for your business.

Some of the problems that can occur are increased import/export freight and storage costs along with the risk of disease from zoonotic infection (passed from animal to human).

 Metal Plates

There is also the consideration of fouling of stock, access ways and building storage areas along with the noise and space invading nuisance. This can cause havoc with the corrosion of building components and it doesn't take long for defecation to build up and cause blocked drains, contaminated roofs and problems with gutters and downpipes. 

Areas we protect from birds

Our team has a wealth of experience in the commercial sector and an extensive understanding of the standards required for minimising bird nuisance. 

These are some of the areas our team specialises in to help you get rid of bird pests. 

  • Warehouses, dispatch, loading bays and freighting areas
  • Open air sheds for horticultural storage areas
  • Ledges, rooflines, signs, beams and eaves
  • Commercial food processing factories
  • Schools 
  • Airport facilities

Our experienced team will work during shut-downs, nights and weekends to cause the least amount of disruption to your business as possible.

Bird Control

We also work around other trades on site to ensure work is completed on time and within budget. 

Bird Control Products

Bird Spikes

Bird spikes are available to suit different bird activity. For example: day time perching and/or night time roosting.

A bird spike system consists of upward pointing spikes that prevent birds from landing or roosting on ledges. The spikes have tips which irritate the birds but don't hurt them. 

Bird At Window

Bird Repellent

Bird repellent gels can be used along ledges, beams and columns to help transform a building into an unpopular spot to roost and nest.

Bird repellent will not burn or irritate the feet of birds or skin of people. The gel is non-toxic and will not affect any water catchment.  

Netting Systems

Netting is one of the most effective bird proofing solutions. Nets are versatile and can be fitted to protect a wide range of architectural structures and features. We only use the best of fastenings and netting materials. Nets do not harm the birds, just frustrate them.

Bird Netting

Seagull Wire Deterrent

The Seagull Wire Deterrent is a low profile bird wire system used to keep large pest birds such as seagulls off roof ledges, flat roofs, handrails and more. Bird wire is an easy to install post and wire system that provides an unstable landing area. Seagulls do not like to land or roost on the unstable wire and will move on to find a better perch. 

Post and Hot Wire System

‘Hot Wire’ is a deterrent for all bird species and can be used on any architectural structure, including signs, ledges, arches, pergolas, roof ridges, parapets, beams, fences, and screens.  It consists of a low visibility ‘Hot Wire Flexi-Tape’ which, when fitted to an energy source, becomes electrified.  

Galvanized Steel Plating System

Installing a galvanized steel plating system is an effective, long lasting, solution that won’t rust. Galvanised plate is fitted into narrow spaces where birds enter buildings such as above roller doors.

Man On Roof

Bird Decoy

Bird decoys are available as “passive” decoys to hang or position and “active” decoys, flying robots and bird decoys with controllable movements. Decoys and robot birds are suitable for low to medium bird populations.

Bird Decoy

Ultrasonic Systems

We have a range of ultrasonic harassment systems that work well in deterring birds. 

Stop Birds Entering 

Unique Services provides a combination of proofing and prevention strategies to help remedy bird problems and eliminate or deter birds from roosting, perching and nesting.

To prevent birds gaining entry to a building, we provide a customised fit out and installation of quality bird proofing products tailored to your specific situation and needs.

A change of bird behaviour can be achieved by installing deterrents and applying repellents, ensuring that territorial pest birds stay away.

We can advise and present a competitive proposal for carrying out remedial work to all areas. 

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