Industrial Cleaning

Industrial Cleaning

Industrial Cleaning

We will clean almost anything from critical hygiene to Industrial grime. We clean from high levels to confined spaces. We clean buildings, plant and equipment and everything in between.

We have the manpower, the skills, the plant and the expertise.

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Critical Hygiene Cleaning

At Unique we specialise in all aspects of cleaning, from critical hygiene in the food industry, high cleaning of ceilings and ledges, through to ceiling cavities where there is a possibility of dust (milk powder) explosion. We clean hard to reach areas, plant and machinery, ventilation shafts, drains and air conditioning units.

All of this is covered in detail in our Critical Hygiene Cleaning section.

Fonterra Building

Building wash downs

We also carry out building wash downs. These can be cleaned on a scheduled basis to get the best value for your business. Bear in mind that often a southern elevation attracts more moss and lichen that the northern elevations and will require more regular maintenance.

Mossy _wall _cleeaning

Roof Areas

Auckland is in a marine environment and the salts and grime can play havoc with roofing materials and the fixtures. Roof areas can be chemically treated to neutralise these salts and also washed where necessary.

The exterior life of both buildings and roof areas is greatly extended with regular maintenance. We are equipped to clean roofs in critical care areas (such as Water-Care Services roof areas) where the water drains into the catchment areas. We use superheated water at low pressure and high volume.



Gutter and downpipe cleans and unblocking are normally carried out twice a year.  This gives peace of mind as well as minimising the chance of an internal flood caused from blocked gutters.

Man _in _roof _gutter

Ceiling Cavity Cleans

These areas are sometimes forgotten and this can result in a serious health hazard. 

We specialise in these areas having specialised lighting systems, venting fans and Industrial vacuum cleaning systems. Where there is any risk of explosion through dust or milk powder, we earth our equipment for safety or use air driven plant.

Man With Black Plastic Bags

 Car-park Cleaning and Services

Car-park sweeping, removal of oil spills, deep machine scrubbing and special painting systems are catered for as and when required. We also look after the line marking and signage!

Cavity Ceiling

Stainless Steel Cleaning

We have rejuvenated many thousands of meters of stainless steel material. These include silos from wineries and breweries, through to the stainless steel in processing lines. There is endless stainless in milk factories and with our experience and expertise, we are able to transform these surfaces.

Large _room _db

Ducting’s and Ventilation Shafts

These are mostly confined space jobs. We have sophisticated safety tripod winching systems, with our gas detection meters. We use LED lighting and where necessary forced air ducting units. Every job is different and planned carefully to ensure the safety of our staff and our client’s property.

Man _being _lowered _into _shaft

Fans and Ventilating Units

These often get caked in grime which caused them to only partly function. We can remove these units, clean, sterilise and reassemble. We write reports on the condition of each unit with photos and replace any fastenings where necessary. Often in hard working areas these fans/ducts are cleaned every six months.

Tanks and Silos (confined spaces)

Rusty Tank

We are equppped and well trained for confined space work and have all the necessary expertise. We can often repair damaged surfaces which saves you having to make expensive replacements. We carry out special epoxy repairs where a tank has perforated which can make it stronger than the surrounding metal.

Epoxy _repairs


We can use high pressure cold water and we can use high pressure hot (super heated) water. We also have steam cleaning systems.

Chemical Cleaning

Our team are trained in the safe use of chemicals and in conjunction with our water cleaning equipment can often get a good result where others cannot.


We can sandblast wet or dry depending on your requirements and can get the required profile depending on the media we use.

Critical Cleaning _mould On Ceiling

High level cleaning including ceiling cavities as well as confined space work including ductings, ventilator shafts, silos and tanks.

Fans Ventilating Units _orange Overalls Foaming Fan

All the hard stuff is what we do. We have the team, we have the certification, we have the plant, we have the know how.