Industrial Painting

Industrial Painting

Unique Services can provide specialist applications for all major industrial or commercial painting needs.

All paints have an environmental impact at various stages of their life cycle. When applied correctly, paints and other surface coatings provide good protection to any product and it is also generally visually attractive. 

New Bridge

Different paint types and their means of application are very dependent on what the function of the coating needs to perform. 

Surface preparation is the key to long-lived paintwork along with application and drying processes.

Our team are very experienced at large building wash-downs - we offer sand-blasting and chemical cleaning where applicable.

We can prepare, prime and paint most surfaces with a variety of specialised coatings including low VOC and food-grade paints.

We are also specialists in stainless steel rejuvenation and our trained staff can address rust and scale issues, and apply elastomeric coatings for waterproofing to maintain the integrity of plant and structure.


Coatings Division

We specialise in all major coating systems and can offer you cost effective solutions and more.



All polypanel repairs, refurbishment and maintenance are part of our extensive services.