Concrete Maintenance and Repair Work

Concrete Maintenance and Repair Work

Our knowledge and experience of concreting is comprehensive and very effective. 

We have all the necessary equipment and use the best products available to meet our customers' requirements.

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Our skilled team will take care of all your concreting needs, from effecting minor repairs to carrying out major new works. We will advise you on ways to increase the value of your property by making it more attractive.

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 Our specialist coatings team can rejuvenate your concrete with their skills in the application of Epoxy, PU and elastomeric coatings.

 Some of our concreting services include: 

  • cutting and grinding concrete
  • prepare boxing and laying new concrete
  • damaged concrete cut out and replaced
  • concrete cleaning undertaken using chemicals and hot water
  • concrete sealing using water or solvent based sealers which act as decorative and protective topcoats
  • application of high performance epoxy systems on concrete floors